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District Divisions


Operations Division

The Operations Division is responsible for managing and supervising the day-to-day operations of the Fire District. The Division’s primary responsibility is to provide emergency responses from our 8 fire stations and 8 front-line response apparatus. Emergency medical responses account for approximately 76% of our calls. Other emergency responses include structure fires, vehicle and vegetation fires; vehicle accidents, rescues, hazardous materials incidents and public service calls.

The Division is managed by the Fire Chief, four Battalion Chiefs, and assisted by a Logistics Coordinator. Each response unit is staffed with 3 personnel consisting of a Fire Captain, Fire Apparatus Engineer and Firefighter/Paramedic. Our day to day staffing includes seven Type One Structural Firefighting Engine Companies and One Type 1 Truck Company. We also cross staff three Type Three Brush Engines, a Rescue Unit, and one Light and Air Support Unit. All Engine companies are staffed with a paramedic and provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) treatment. All response personnel are certified to a minimum level of Emergency Medical Technician. In addition to emergency responses, Operations personnel also provide public education, perform fire prevention inspections, maintain fire hydrants, perform minor equipment and facilities maintenance and participate in continuous training activities.

Dispatch services are provided by Heartland Communications Center. San Miguel is a member of the Central Zone which with our surrounding jurisdictions. Members of the Central Zone utilize common operational policies and have automatic and mutual aid agreements in place to provide the most efficient level of service possible.

The Operations Division also manages the Fleet Maintenance Department. Fleet Maintenance is staffed with personnel from North County EVS, Inc., via contract services. They provide maintenance and repair services for all San Miguel mobile equipment. Our shop currently provides services for 44 vehicles (Fire Apparatus and Support Vehicles).
Other services provided by the Operations Division include the fire station supply program, facilities maintenance and repair, contracting services and ensuring compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.


Administration Division

The District’s Administrative Division is managed by the Fire Chief and Administrative Battalion Chief and staffed by one Administrative Officer/CFO, one Administrative Analyst and one Administrative Assistant. The Division is responsible for providing business services, financial management, risk management, human resources services, employee assistance programs, information technology, public records, and support for the District’s Board of Directors.

The Fire Chief and Administrative Battalion Chief are responsible for managing all of the activities of the Division in support of the District’s 7 full-time employees, part-time employees, seven Board of Directors and volunteers.

The Administrative Officer/CFO reports to the Fire Chief and Board of Directors. The Administrative Officer/CFO oversees, coordinates and plans the preparation, processing and maintenance of accounting records and reports; performs accounting, auditing, and financial analysis work in the design and maintenance of financial record keeping and reporting systems. The Administrative Officer/CFO processes payroll and prepares and maintains all employee benefits. The Administrative Officer/CFO also prepares the Districts’ budgets and financial plans and assists in planning office activities and work projects.

The Administrative Analyst reports to the Administrative Officer/CFO and is responsible for processing accounts receivable, finance charges, collections, accounts payable and assisting with other financial services.

The Administrative Assistant reports to the Administrative Officer/CFO and is responsible for preparing, processing and maintaining workers compensation files, maintains confidential records, correspondence and personnel files. The Administrative Assistant provides administrative, secretarial, receptionist and program support. This position also serves as the Recording Secretary to the Board of Directors and publishes Board agendas and minutes.


Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Bureau is overseen by the Deputy Fire Marshal, and staffed with one full-time Fire Inspector, one part-time Fire Inspector, and one Firefighter Inspector. The San Miguel Fire District considers Fire Prevention an integral part of our fire service effort as well as a nexus to a successful business environment. It is our belief that the impact of fire prevention should be both positive and productive to both the residential and business communities.

The goal of a fire prevention inspection is to protect lives and property from the effects of fire by discovering and correcting deficiencies defined by code or in the law. The Deputy Fire Marshal and the Fire Inspectors address five specific areas in an effort to protect buildings and their occupants. The first area is preventing fires from starting. The second area is once a fire has started what precautions can be taken to prevent the fire from spreading. The third area addresses insuring that the occupants can safely escape from the building in an emergency. The fourth area includes insuring fire protection systems and equipment, such as ensuring fire alarms and fire sprinklers are installed and operating correctly. The final area is to develop and maintain a firesafe corridor between the wildland and community developments through fuel modifications and inspections. All these factors are addressed in the Fire Code, local ordinances, or State law, and provide the Fire Inspectors their legal basis for action.

The Deputy Fire Marshal and Fire Inspectors will try to educate the property owner or occupant to bring about voluntary compliance with the code. It is important to remember that many of the items contained in the Code came about due to fires that killed people or destroyed a large amount of property. These were lessons that were hard learned, and they should not be repeated.

The review of building plans allows the Deputy Fire Marshal to ensure that all new buildings meet the fire code before they are built. It is more cost effective to detect a Fire Code issue before the building is constructed than to have it changed after the building is completed. In the past, the County Building Department approved the construction of buildings based on the building code, and the Deputy Fire Marshal had to try to enforce the fire code after the fact. The current system insures fire safety, and is more cost effective to the building owner.

The Fire Prevention Staff is here to assist you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding fire prevention, please contact Deputy Fire Marshal Tony Morgan at or by phoning him at 619-660-5356.

Training Division

The Training Division is headed by  Battalion Chief and shift Training Captains. Major responsibilities include firefighter recruit training, research and development, overseeing the maintenance of continuing education, probationary step testing, promotional development and testing, and training program development and administration.

Firefighters frequently are confronted with extremely high risk situations that require quick decisions based on special skills, training, judgment and adaptability during constantly changing circumstances. A comprehensive training program is essential to ensure that firefighters are prepared for those situations.

The role of the Training Division is multipurpose. For the suppression personnel working within the San Miguel Fire District, the Training Division provides career development and succession planning, as well as in-service training, such as the Shift Fire Investigator program. The Training Division also ensures firefighter health and safety through risk management and safety programs.

The Training Division prepares firefighters with state and federal-required curricula for fire/rescue, hazardous materials, EMS, and all hazard emergency operations.

The Training Division also ensures that all current personnel comply with State and Federal mandates regarding continuing education requirements. Advanced and specialized technical training and professional development is provided to various members of the department.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Division is currently un-staffed.  Please contact us for your outreach needs.

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