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Annual Business Inspections
All businesses that require a permit, or are mandated by the State Fire Marshal to be inspected, are inspected annually for fire code compliance by fire prevention staff.   These include places of assembly with an occupant load of 50 or more, repair garages, manufacturing facilities where welding takes place, high piled storage facilities, institutions, schools, flammable and combustible liquid storage or dispensing facilities, residential care facilities and multi-family housing.  The California Health & Safety Code allows the district to charge a fee to cover the costs associated with conducting and processing inspections.  The fire prevention inspectors provide valuable information to businesses to help them keep their business, employees and community fire safe.  Firefighters also do inspections when time allows of businesses not requiring a permit of any kind. Please see the fee schedule for inspection fee costs.
The inspector assigned to your business will contact you to schedule your annual inspection.

Construction Inspections
To schedule a construction inspection (new construction, remodel, etc.), please call San Miguel Fire & Rescue Administration at
(619) 670-0500.

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