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SD County Code Compliance Info

San Diego County Code Compliance

Request for Investigation hotline: 858-694-2705

Noise Hotline:  858-694-3741

Code Compliance investigates the following:

  • Storage of solid waste
  • Abandoned, inoperable and junk vehicles on private properties
  • Construction without building permits
  • Grading without a permit
  • Clearing brush and vegetation without a permit
  • Businesses are not allowed to be operated out of a residence
  • Storage of commercial vehicles on residential properties
  • Too many animals
  • Animals being kept in pens too close to a property line
  • Noise
  • Graffiti
  • People living in trailers and RV’s
  • Prohibited signs


Code Compliance does not investigate the following;

however, contact information is provided for your convenience:
  • Civil issues between neighbors such as boundary line disputes, trees or other vegetation hanging over property lines, or private road easements.
  • Conditions and requirements found in private CC&R agreements
  • Lack of general private property maintenance such as lawns in need of mowing, trees/shrubs trimming and, buildings and fencing in need of paint. 
  • Rats, mice – Environmental Health, Vector Control 858-694-2888 or
  • Green pools – Environmental Health, Vector Control  858-694-2888 or
  • Public swimming pools – Environmental Health  858-505-6903
  • Apartment complex complaints – Environmental Health 858-505-6903
  • Dumping waste along roads Public Works Road Services
  • Dog waste-Animal control Services 619-767-2675
  • Too many roosters-Animal Control services 619-767-2675
  • Grading or structures in a watercourse – Public Works Watercourse Protection 858-694-3165
  • Dust and air pollution Air Pollution Control District
    • When an air quality problem is observed at a stationary source (business, government, or military), please call (858) 586-2650
  • Mobile Home and RV Parks – Environmental Health
          North County 760-471-0730
          East County 858-565-5173


  • Who do I contact regarding complaints about substandard rental units?
    • Rental units are regulated by the Food and Housing Division within the Department of Environmental Health. They can be contacted at (858) 595-6903, or by email at


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