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Transition to By-Division Elections

Resolution 19-1, Intent to Adopt, passed 02/27/2019.
The following steps are to be completed within 90 days to transition to a by-district/by-division electoral system:

(1)       Conducting public outreach to explain the districting/division process and to encourage public participation;


(2)       Holding at least two public hearings within a 30-day period at which the public is invited to provide input regarding the composition of the districts/divisions and to consider district/division boundaries as provided in Elections Code Section 10010;

Public Hearing #1 – 03/13/2019
Public Hearing #2 – 03/27/2019

(3)       Publishing draft maps based on those hearings;


(4)      Holding at least two more public hearings within a 45-day period at which the public is invited to provide input regarding the content of the draft map or maps and the proposed sequence of elections;

Public Hearing #3 – 04/10/2019
Public Hearing #4 – 04/24/2019

(5)       Holding a public hearing at which the Board of Directors will consider adopting the resolution establishing by-district/by-division elections, including the adoption of a district/division boundary map and the sequence of the by-division elections.



Supporting Documents:

Staff Report ~ Resolution of Intention to Transition to “By-Division” Electoral System under the California Voting Rights Act
Resolution 19-1 ~ Transition of Elections
Notice of Public Hearings – CVRA Transition to By Division Election System
Legal Counsel Report – Public Hearing #1 
Legal Counsel Report – Public Hearing #2
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San Miguel Fire Proposed Election Sequencing

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